Monitoring and Intrusion Detection CETE-936

Course Code CETE-936
Course Name Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Monitoring and Intrusion Detection is of interest to security administrators responsible for monitoring compliance with security policies and acceptable use policies.

Through a series of practical, hands-on exercises you will learn to use freely available tools that provide mechanisms for network monitoring and intrusion detection. The course will begin with an exploration of basic concepts including intrusion detection methods and developing policies for monitoring, intrusion detection and privacy protection. It will then move onto network monitoring, which will include learning how to collect, authenticate and examine system logs, and analyze network traffic.

For the hands-on assignments in Monitoring and Intrusion Detection, you will detect network reconnaissance and detect a hand crafted network attack.

This course will give you the know-how to:

• Understand the privacy implications of network monitoring;
• Understand the differences between host-based and network-based monitoring;
• Plan the deployment of intrusion detection systems;
• Collect, authenticate and interpret system logs;
• Use cryptographic checksums to verify system integrity;
• Interpret network data;
• Create intrusion detection rules to detect previously unknown attacks.

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