Pneumatics 3 CERB-503

Course Code CERB-503
Course Name Pneumatics 3
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Pneumatics 3 is the third of three courses covering industrial pneumatic systems.

Having learned the essentials of the subject matter in the previous offerings, you will delve into more complicated topics such as the operation and design of industrial pneumatic control circuitry, including an examination of various types of solenoid valves, electrical control using relays, electrical ladder logic diagramming, manual controls, automatic controls, and emergency and safety circuits.

Through labs and assignments that allow you to quickly gain confidence, you will complete the course knowing how to:

• Construct and operate electro-pneumatic circuits;
• Design safe reliable electro-pneumatic circuits;
• Document electro-pneumatic circuits using industry standard diagramming methods.
Notes Prerequisite: Pneumatics 2 CERB-502
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