Legal Software CELC-942

Course Code CELC-942
Course Name Legal Software
Category Business
Description A practical course, Legal Software will ensure you receive a well-rounded, interactive introduction to legal accounting procedures and terminology. You will also learn about a variety of legal software applications.

The course prides itself on providing legal software applications training in a networked lab environment. As such, you will receive a hands-one education in the most popular current legal software such as PC Law, Divorcemate and Fast Company. Specific practical application will include keyboarding and proofreading exercises. Additionally, you will partake in lectures and class discussions.

As a result of the Legal Software course, you will have the ability to:

•Effectively use legal precedents and word processing software in the preparation of neat and accurate computer-generated legal documents;
•Apply proofreading, editing, grammar and spelling skills;
•Apply critical thinking skills in the production of neat and accurate legal documents and correspondence;
•Apply knowledge of legal accounting terminology and procedures to the preparation of legal accounts and documentation using word processing software and PC Law;
•Effectively use legal precedents and Divorcemate software to prepare family law documentation;
•Effectively use legal precedents and Fast Company software to prepare corporate documentation;
•Prepare spreadsheets by entering, editing and copying cell entries, formulas and functions, including absolute and relative cell references, and apply formatting;
•Organize your time to facilitate the completion of tasks and meet deadlines.

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