Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CEDN-004

Course Code CEDN-004
Course Name Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 course covers the design and implementation of databases using the enterprise edition of this software.

As part of the introductory undertaking, you will learn about the design aspects of databases and then extend your expertise through additional skill-building exercises to implement, secure and optimize various database configurations.

Hands-on aspects of the course will allow you to gain practical experience with essential database tasks and build real-world database solutions in Centennial College's equipped labs.

You will also enjoy demonstrations, lectures and discussions that further your knowledge of topics such as retrieving data from a single table, retrieving data from two or more tables, working with data types, using the Management Studio for database design, coding scripts, working with cursors, working with XML and more.

In addition to serving as preparation for MCAD or MCSD certification for Microsoft .NET, this Microsoft SQL Server 2012 course will give you the ability to use all of the components of SQL Server 2012 enterprise edition, including:

• Developing a logical data model;
• Implementing the physical database;
• Retrieving and modifying data;
• Programming business logic;
• Tuning and optimizing data access;
• Designing a database security plan.
Notes This course is offered in-class.

For in-class please email or call 416-289-5000 x2267
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