Intermediate C# CEDN-002

Course Code CEDN-002
Course Name Intermediate C#
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Intermediate C# is an assignment-intensive course that will offer you the fundamental skills and knowledge to build .NET applications using the C# language.

The course will emphasize object-oriented program structure and core features of the C# language and its relationship to the .NET framework. Specific topics will include an overview of the .NET platform, basic syntax, classes, inheritance, events, GUI forms, data access and assemblies.

The course will make use of the Microsoft Visual Studio platform. You are strongly encouraged to acquire a copy of this programming environment. Microsoft makes Visual Studio .NET available for students.

Course work such as assignments, quizzes, teamwork and class participation will count towards your final grade, as will a mid-term and comprehensive final exam.

You will find this course especially beneficial if you have mastered at least one other modern programming language such as C or Visual Basic.

Intermediate C# completion will allow you to:

• Demonstrate skills in problem analysis, logic development, program design and implementation that can be applied in a wide variety of programming situations;
• Apply concepts of structured logic, modular design and object orientation to C# programming problems;
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of C# syntax, including variables, flow control, objects, reference types, operators, delegates, properties, indexers and attributes;
• Apply the skills learned in the course to write programs in C#, and test and debug those programs in an effort to solve programming problems;
• Use major .NET framework classes.
Notes Co-requisite: Database Design and Modeling with SQL Server 2008 CEDN-006.

This course is offered in-class.

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