AutoCAD Module 2 CECA-932

Course Code CECA-932
Course Name AutoCAD Module 2
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description AutoCAD Module 2 builds on the basic drawing and drafting commands learned in Module 1.

Over a course of seven weeks, you will learn some of the more advanced concepts and tools that can be found in the AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software. Because the course is designed with a lab focus, you will perform specific exercises designed to clearly illustrate these advanced AutoCAD commands.

While the emphasis will be on practice for skill development, each three-hour class will also consist of a brief lecture on software technique. Each class will typically be broken down into 30 minutes of instruction and two-and-a-half-hours of in-lab usage of the CAD equipment and software.

This course will cover the use of polylines, arrayed patterns, mirroring, architectural drawings, blocks, layers, drawing element grouping, repositioning and replication, and more.

Your time in AutoCAD Module 2 will allow you to:

• Comprehend some of the fundamental graphic language concepts of mechanical engineering drafting (CSA standards);
• Utilize the AutoCAD graphic interface and command/menu system;
• Use the fundamental drawing commands of the AutoCAD software;
• Use, apply and edit polylines in a 2D drawing;
• Use grips in a drawing;
• Use the group, text and leader line commands;
• Use various Modify functions such as move, copy, rotate, scale, array and mirror;
• Use layers and blocks within a drawing;
• Set up and use the plot commands to output drawings to the printer/plotter;
• Organize and manage (for example, save and retrieve) drawing files.
Notes Prerequisite: Autocad Module 1 CECA-931
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