Steering, Suspension and Alignment Theory CEAM-993

Course Code CEAM-993
Course Name Steering, Suspension and Alignment Theory
Category Transportation
Description Steering, Suspension and Alignment Theory introduces you to the basics of tires, front end, suspension and alignment theory. It also highlights the practical application of inspection procedures of all related components on the vehicle.

You will come to understand tires, wheels balance, steering linkage, shocks, struts, ball joint inspection procedures, springs and curb ride height. Other topics of discussion include alignment terminology -- caster, camber, toe, steering axis inclination, setback, thrust-line -- and 4-wheel alignment.

Through practical demonstrations, you will learn the correct procedures for performing an inspection and diagnosis as well as the proper use of alignment machine equipment. You will then complete lab work.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Inspect and diagnose various tire related problems;
• Understand wheel bearing design and service;
• Understand different types of steering and suspension design;
• Conduct a proper procedure for diagnostics such as, steering linkage, curb ride height, proper inspection of ball joints, springs, shocks, struts and bushings;
• Complete procedures of the automobile body structure and construction, such as wheelbase, tracking, turning radius, datum plane;
• Understand alignment terminology;
• Use an alignment machine and conduct different types of adjustment procedures, such as, shims, cam-bolts, front and rear camber and toe adjustment to correct various common alignment problem;
• Understand the practical lab safety procedures in the use of hoists and alignment machine.
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Please note: CSA-approved safety boots and safety glasses will be required for admission to all lab classes. Failure to comply in any lab will result in a temporary dismissal from the class.
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