Automotive Electrical/Electronics 3 CEAM-962

Course Code CEAM-962
Course Name Automotive Electrical/Electronics 3
Category Transportation
Description Automotive Electrical/Electronics is designed to be a review of the Level 2 course as well as include more detailed coverage of specific automotive electrical and electronic systems.

Automotive Electrical/Electronics 3 focuses on the reasons for, and identification of, system components and operation.

You will learn about supplemental restraint systems and computer systems such as anti-lock brakes. You will also further expand your knowledge of multimeters, scan tools information retrieval systems and other diagnostic tools. Other specific topics will include wiring schematics, oscilloscope, ignition scope testing, charging and control circuits, lighting systems and power accessories, supplemental inflatable restraint and more.

Once you complete this undertaking, you will be able to:

• Understand and describe the benefits, operation, components and testing procedures for supplemental restraint systems and anti-lock brake systems;
• Successfully retrieve diagnostic codes, both manually and with various scan tools on computer controlled fuel injection systems;
• Use shop manuals to aid the students in strategy based diagnostics.
Notes Special requirement: Safety boots and safety goggles must be worn in the lab areas. You will be denied access to labs if you are dressed inappropriately. Hearing protection will also be required when determined by the instructor.

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