Automotive Electrical/Electronics 2 CEAM-961

Course Code CEAM-961
Course Name Automotive Electrical/Electronics 2
Category Transportation
Description Automotive Electrical/Electronics is designed to be a review of the Level 1 course as well as include more detailed coverage of specific automotive electrical and electronic systems.

This in-depth Automotive Electrical/Electronics Level 2 course examines the hall effect, charging system regulation, solenoids, relays and semiconductors. You will also learn about construction operation and testing of various components. Due to its hands-on approach, part of the course will be spent in labs where you will disassemble, reassemble and bench-test starters and alternators.

Once you complete the electrical and electronics-based course, you will:

• Understand and relate the principles of generating electro-magnetism;
• Be able to explain the theory of operation of resistors, diodes, transistors, thyristors and capacitors;
• Know how to dismantle and rebuild starter motors, and bench test;
• Perform starter voltage drop and draw tests;
• Perform a starter circuit test on a vehicle;
• Understand the principles of A.C. generators and rectification to D.C.;
• Dismantle and assemble alternators and rectifiers for testing;
• Perform charging system testing using manuals and a schematic diagram;
• Explain how static electricity is generated and the handling pre-cautions needed when handling electronic devices;
• Perform a charging system test on a vehicle using shop manuals and schematic diagrams;
• Explain principles of voltage generators, hall-effect devices and optical signal generators;
• Explain the principles of a distributorless ignition system;
• And more.
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Please note: CSA-approved safety boots and safety glasses will be required for admission to all lab classes. Failure to comply in any lab will result in a temporary dismissal from the class.
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