Auto Body Repair 2 CEAB-907

Course Code CEAB-907
Course Name Auto Body Repair 2
Category Transportation
Description Using Centennial College's extensive facilities, you will participate in identifying vehicles with bonded exterior panels, bonding panels using special automotive bonding adhesives, exploring the many different types of plastics used for vehicle construction and plastics repair, and learn to read dimension sheets including datum plane, centerline plane and zero plane. You will also become familiar with measuring equipment.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Analyze a damaged vehicle with adhesive bonded panels;
• Apply panel-bonding techniques;
• Apply plastic welding techniques;
• Analyze dimension sheets and the use of measuring equipment.

Notes More information call 416-289-5207 PRESS 8 Current or former Centennial students, please call to register

Please note: CSA-approved safety boots and safety glasses will be required for admission to all lab classes. Failure to comply in any lab will result in a temporary dismissal from the class.
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