Auto Body Repair 1 CEAB-902

Course Code CEAB-902
Course Name Auto Body Repair 1
Category Transportation
Description Auto Body Repair Level 1 is a practical course introducing all of the basic areas of auto body repair.

You will learn the use of hand and power tools, application of body fillers, two-stage putties and epoxy primer, minor dent repair, Oxy/Acetylene welding and GMA (MIG) welding techniques, and examine forming, flanging and contouring simple panels.

In addition, you will become familiar with a series of standard safety procedures when repairing a vehicle, proper identification of body panels, and proper tool uses and handling.

The Auto Body Repair Level 1 grading scheme is made up of three tests, an assignment and your attendance record.

Once you complete this offering, you will be adept in:

• Handling all tools and materials required in body repairs;
• Properly identifying all major body components;
• Performing proper repair techniques to surface rusted areas and repair techniques to minor dents;
• Performing basic welds to sheet metal;
• Identifying all components of the welding equipment;
• Fabricating a repair patch.

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Please note: CSA-approved safety boots and safety glasses will be required for admission to all lab classes. Failure to comply in any lab will result in a temporary dismissal from the class.

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