Canadian Investment Funds (Mutual Funds) CCSC-103

Course Code CCSC-103
Course Name Canadian Investment Funds (Mutual Funds)
Category Business
Description Canadian Investment Funds (Mutual Funds) will focus on the material contained in The Canadian Securities Institute's (CSI) Canadian Investment Funds course textbook.
Canadian Investment Funds is part of the compulsory licensing if you wish to work in the financial services industry as a mutual fund salesperson.

The course will teach you how to guide clients in their selection of mutual funds and other related products, and confidently describe and determine the risk and return characteristics of the various mutual fund classes. To do this, you will study product suitability and the underlying principle of consumer protection regulations. You will be tested on all 18 chapters contained in the course textbook.

Once you complete the course, you will be prepared to write the Investment Funds in Canada exam, administered by CSI. You will also understand and be able to:

•Illustrate and clearly explain the various categories and classifications of mutual funds;
•Direct clients in their selection of mutual funds and related investment products according to product suitability;
•Explain the relationship between risk and return characteristics of the various mutual fund classes;
•Discuss the structure of the mutual fund industry in Canada and the administration of such organizations;
•Describe the Canadian tax system as it pertains to the taxation of investment income of mutual funds;
•Portray and demonstrate a knowledge of retirement planning as it applies to government, company and private plans;
•Exhibit an in-depth perspective of the duties and obligations of a mutual fund sales representative.

The Canadian Investment Funds (Mutual Funds) will ultimately lead to being able to provide superior client service with respect to mutual fund investments.
Notes Note: This course covers mutual funds only - for preparation to sell mutual funds and stocks and bonds, see CCSC-101 and -CCSC-102).
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