Canadian Securities Part 2 CCSC-102

Course Code CCSC-102
Course Name Canadian Securities Part 2
Category Business
Description A continuation of the foundational Canadian Securities course, Part 2 will cover the material you need to understand for the second exam of the Canadian Securities Course, offered by the Canadian Securities Institute.

This course will review financial planning of individual portfolios and the taxation of various types of investment income. You will also learn to analyze the markets as they pertain to the various business cycles and investment products, and be introduced to designing and managing investment portfolios while maintaining client relationships. During the course, you will be tested through 11 chapter tests and a final exam.

The Canadian Securities Course is compulsory for licensing if you plan on working in the financial services industry as mutual fund sales person or to trade stocks, bonds and other investment securities.

Completing Canadian Securities - Part 2 will give you knowledge of:

•The key differences between fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis;
•Macroeconomic factors that affect the capital markets;
•The relationship between risk and return of various investments and how these are measured;
•Designing an investment portfolio as it pertains to asset mix, investment management style and diversification;
•Mutual funds, regulatory environment, taxation, organization structure and calculating pricing;
•Segregated funds, advantages and differences to mutual funds;
•Hedge funds and how they are used to reduce portfolio risk;
•Taxation of investment income and tax deferral plans.

Notes Required: You must register online with the Canadian Securities Institute to obtain the materials. Centennial students receive a discount as well as a free copy of the CSC Check (online practice questions).
To obtain your discount please register here:
If you require help with CSI, please email:

Please note that CCSC 101 is not a requirement to take CCSC 102. These two courses may be taken in any order.
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