Canadian Securities Part 1 CCSC-101

Course Code CCSC-101
Course Name Canadian Securities Part 1
Category Business
Description CCSC 101 (Canadian Securities - Part 1)

Canadian Securities - Part 1 will prepare you for the Canadian Securities course exam offered by the Canadian Securities Institute. This course is a part of compulsory licensing if you wish to work in the financial services industry as a mutual fund sales person or to trade stocks, bonds and other investment securities.

Through in-class participation, chapter tests and exams, you will examine the nature of assets, client need assessment, various investment products available to the public, risks associated with investments, portfolio evaluation and the analysis of publicly traded company financial statements. The Canadian Securities - Part 1course will also review the investment market in Canada and distinguish the roles and responsibilities of the key figures in the financial industry.

Once you complete this course, you will have an understanding of and the ability to describe:

•Canadian capital markets, intermediaries, and the sources and users of capital;
•The role regulators play in the financial markets;
•The main types of financial instruments, fixed income, equity and derivates;
•Various types of business structures;
•A company's financial statements and the importance of financial ratios;
•The economic factors that determine the prices of individual securities and capital markets;
•The Canadian and global economy, business cycle, inflation, interest rates, fiscal and monetary policy.
Notes Required: You must register online with the Canadian Securities Institute to obtain the materials. Centennial students receive a discount as well as a free copy of the CSC Check (online practice questions).
To obtain your discount please register here:
If you require help with CSI, please email:

Note: You should register with CSI no sooner than five days prior to the start date of the course, after checking with Centennial that the course is definitely proceeding. The CSI National Exam will be written in the last class (if there is a minimum of 10 students), monitored by a CSI invigilator.
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