Business Strategy BUSN-332

Course Code BUSN-332
Course Name Business Strategy
Category Business
Description Business Strategy will focus on the development and utilization of specific qualities and characteristics that set a business apart from similar businesses within a particular industry.

A viable and compelling business strategy is the result of a comprehensive decision- making process, also known as strategic planning. As such, you will gain an in-depth understanding of business and corporate strategies, and of the specific ways in which these strategies are implemented throughout a firm.

To ensure that you completely understand the concepts taught in Business Strategy, you will adopt the perspective of a general manager. You will also be required to integrate your previous knowledge and skills in economics, management, finance and accounting, operations, marketing, and human resources.

A real world component will be provided as you manage a firm within a business simulation and make strategic decisions in an attempt to gain market share and increase net profits. Group assignments pertaining to the ongoing business simulation will connect it to the real business world. Topics taught in class will also be connected to the real business world. Other teaching methods in this course will include analysis and quizzes.

Once you complete Business Strategy, you will be able to:

•Evaluate the environmental forces that create unpredictable change and call for a greater strategic management perspective throughout the organization;
•Discuss the role of corporate governance and stakeholder management in the strategic management process and the long-term success of the organization;
•Develop effective scenario planning skills within the context of firms competing in industries characterized by unpredictability and change;
•Analyze where value is added by a firm's activities within a value chain;
•Evaluate generic business level strategies as responses to the five forces that require a firm to implement strategy;
•Evaluate and select the right strategic analysis techniques within applied decision-making scenarios;
•Explore the importance of international expansion as a viable diversification strategy;
•Analyze the components of competitive dynamics -- new competitive action, threat analysis, motivation and capability to respond, types of competitive actions, and likelihood of competitive reaction;
•Craft appropriate strategic responses when confronted with ethical, legal and social circumstances that appear to be at odds with organizational performance;
•Apply the right business models within specific case and/or scenario analyses.
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