Career Action BUSN-310

Course Code BUSN-310
Course Name Career Action
Category Accounting
Description Career Action will give you the know-how you need to maximize your job search strategy, and perform well during relevant job interviews and networking meetings in relation to your individual career goals.

Highly interactive, the course will see you partaking in hands-on activities that will result in the necessary skills required to effectively participate in the recruitment and selection process. As such, you will learn how to select relevant job postings utilizing keywords by accessing a variety of relevant job search engines and/or job boards. You will also gain insight into understanding the steps by which Canadian employers recruit and select staff.

A real-world component to Career Action will involve a variety of mock job interviews (such as phone and face-to-face scenarios) that will emphasize the importance of conducting effective industry and/or organizational research, creating a targeted resume utilizing keywords, and enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

You will leave the course having developed a supporting career portfolio, cover letter, employment references and networking strategies so you may market yourself and network effectively with potential employers, as it relates to your career goals.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to:

•Effectively conduct online keyword searches to obtain employment postings;
•Conduct targeted industry and/or organizational research in preparation for job interviews;
•Create a targeted professional resume as appropriate in obtaining job interviews;
•Participate in job interviews (phone and face-to-face) to demonstrate interviewee suitability for a position and/or company;
•Interpret situational and behavioural (STAR method) interview questions and formulate effective responses that include specific capabilities that the job requires;
•Develop and/or expand a professional network as it relates to specific career goals;
•Prepare appropriate employment references;
•Develop an effective career portfolio.

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