Ethnics and Professionalism BSCI-618

Course Code BSCI-618
Course Name Ethnics and Professionalism
Category Child & Family Studies
Description This course will introduce the foundations of ethical thinking and will review the different perspectives and rationale for ethical decision-making within a behavioural framework. Students will be introduced to professional codes of ethics that are essential for ethical practice. They will learn how to think critically and apply general ethical principles to particular situations through the use of case studies, practice vignettes, structured exercises, and group discussions. This course will provide participants with the basis for developing ethical guidelines for practice, examining areas related to legislative acts, an overview of the BCBA guidelines of responsible conduct for a behaviour analyst and the ONTABA/ABA standards of practice. Students will also learn how to evaluate their own professional expertise and limitations for ongoing professional development planning.In addition to the Ethics course, as a pre-requisite for Field Placement 1 & 2, students are required to successfully complete a certificate course in Non Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI) to be delivered within the Autism and Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate Program. Completion of Field Placement 1 & 2 requires that the student have a valid certificate in CPI (or other government approved equivalent certificate course). Non Violent Crisis Intervention is a safe behavior management system designed to help service providers provide the best possible care to individuals who may be assaultive, disruptive or out of control, even during the most violent moments. CPI skills are most useful in the immediate management of or de-escalation of acting-out behaviours, but do not replace the need for proactive behavioral support plans.
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