Applied Data Mining BDAT-003

Course Code BDAT-003
Course Name Applied Data Mining
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Our ability to generate and collect data has been increasing rapidly. The widespread use of information technology in our lives has flooded us with a tremendous amount of data. This explosive growth of stored and transient data has generated an urgent need for new techniques and automated tools that can assist us in transforming this data into useful information and knowledge. Data Mining has emerged as a multidisciplinary field that addresses this issue.
This course will be an introduction to data mining. Topics will range from statistics to machine learning to database, with a focus on analysis of large data sets. Expect at least one project involving real data, that you will be the first to apply data mining techniques to. This course discusses the techniques for preprocessing data before mining, and defines the concepts related to data warehousing, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), and data generalization. It presents methods for mining frequent patterns, associations, and correlations. It also describes methods for data classification and prediction, and data-clustering approaches.
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