Healthy Sweets & Desserts BAKE-301

Course Code BAKE-301
Course Name Healthy Sweets & Desserts
Description Creating and plating tasty, exciting and healthy individual desserts is continuing to grow in popularity and are now a part of every successful contemporary pastry shop. This course introduces students to the fundamental skills and creative insight to design and present individual desserts featuring raw diet pastry items, lactose free sweets and gluten free baked goods. Though our innovative competency-based approach, students will learn to select and utilize appropriate equipment for various processes, integrate suitable ingredients and practice necessary skills to decorate and garnish healthy innovative desserts, while learning to work in a safe and hygienic manner. During this six week course, students will design, assemble and present pastry creations utilizing chocolate piping techniques, meringues, gluten free dough and natural fruit syrups. At the end of the course, students will be able to successfully produce a range of contemporary individual desserts which are creatively enticing and irresistible part of a healthy lifestyle.
Notes A Centennial College Chef uniform is required for this course.

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