Seminar in Addiction Studies ADDN-116

Course Code ADDN-116
Course Name Seminar in Addiction Studies
Category Health Professionals
Description Seminar in Addiction Studies focuses on the creation of a project in consultation with a faculty advisor.

You will choose an area of interest in counselling or treatment as a focus for the project. You will be expected to research and write an in-depth essay or project and present your paper or project to the class.

In addition, the course introduces you to the principles -- assessment, planning, linking, advocacy and monitoring -- of case management in the addiction field.

The Seminar in Addition Studies course, approved for study credit by The Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF), comprises a final project presentation, an essay and bibliography, and two quizzes.

At the completion of this course, you will have:

• Integrated the content of the previous courses by developing a hypothesis or theory through a self-directed learning project, such as a teaching/learning tool, scholarly paper or another assignment created in consultation with your instructor;
• Successfully networked with a number of clearly identifiable resources in the addiction field, which will provide the body of evidence for your research project;
• Demonstrated excellence in communication skills and an awareness of adult learning principles and techniques in the presentation of your researched project;
• Demonstrated mastery of the principles of case management.
Notes Blended Course: a course that blends online/e-learning and classroom delivery. Substantial parts of the content is delivered online, reducing / replacing the amount of face-to-face time. Discussions, team projects, and activities are used for learning.

Each class has 4 face to face classes (12 hours) and online/e-learning classes (30 hours)

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