Introduction to Addiction Studies ADDN-110

Course Code ADDN-110
Course Name Introduction to Addiction Studies
Category Health Professionals
Description Introduction to Addiction Studies looks at theories of drug abuse, why people take drugs and the role of drugs in society, as well as health promotion, the concept of wellness and target groups. Differing perspectives on alcohol and drug laws and social policy are also examined, along with various theories of addiction with specific reference to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as well as gambling.

This course, which has been approved for study credit by The Canadian Addiction Counsellors' Certification Federation (CACCF), comprises two reflection papers, a presentation and two written quizzes.

Once you complete this offering, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge of learner values, attitudes, beliefs and biases as they relate to substances and substance users;
• Identify and name the basic differences among the three different types of drugs: stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens;
• Discuss the theories of drug use and abuse, and the role drugs play in our society;
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of the principles of motivational interviewing and the Transtheoretical Model of Change as they relate to addiction studies;
• Distinguish the characteristics of treatment goals of abstinence and harm reduction;
• Identify the characteristics of various forms of informal and formal treatment;
• Identify and discuss the merits of the principles of client-treatment matching;
• Name and demonstrate an understanding of the continuum of drug use as it relates to prevention, health promotion and treatment;
• Discuss the issues in the emerging field of treatment for problem and compulsive gambling;
• Identify legal issues relating to drug use as well as demonstrate an understanding of social policy issues;
• Identify issues of wellness and health promotion as they pertain to addiction studies.

Notes Blended Course: a course that blends online/e-learning and classroom delivery. Substantial parts of the content is delivered online, reducing / replacing the amount of face-to-face time. Discussions, team projects, and activities are used for learning.

Each class has 4 face to face classes (12 hours) and online/e-learning classes (30 hours)
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