Advanced Taxation ACCT-746

Course Code ACCT-746
Course Name Advanced Taxation
Category Accounting
Description Advanced Taxation will focus on a high level understanding of the requirements of the Income Tax Act for Canadian resident corporations. Special attention will be paid to the decisions made by owners and/or managers of Canadian controlled private corporations.

The course will feature assignments, quizzes, two tests and a final exam.

Once you complete Advanced Taxation, you will have the know-how to:

•Determine a corporation's taxation requirements, exposure and liability under the Canadian Income Tax Act (ITA);
•Calculate alternate acceptable tax installment schedules, identify filing deadlines, and list situations where a corporation may attract fines and penalties for non-compliance with the ITA;
•Discuss the tax advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a business and justifying the decision whether to incorporate;
•Analyze the overall structure for the taxation of income earned by non-residents in Canada;
•Describe and assess the consequences of incorporation for owners and/or managers of Canadian controlled private corporations (including shareholder-manager remuneration planning).
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