Accounting Systems 2 ACCT-357

Course Code ACCT-357
Course Name Accounting Systems 2
Category Accounting
Description Building on Accounting Information Systems 1, Accounting Systems 2 will continue to integrate and deepen concepts such as hardware and software of computer systems, telecommunications and networks, electronic commerce, information and decision support, special business information systems, and management of information systems. It will also pay special attention to file and database organization. MS Access will be used to provide illustration and practice in database concepts.

Through assignments, projects, quizzes, a mid-term test and final exam, you will be prepared to confidently:

•Describe how information systems add value to an organization and the controls required to prevent computer fraud, waste and errors;
•Identify the selection criteria for computer hardware and software;
•Explain the significant advantages of database approach to data management over traditional file-based approach by creating and using a database;
•Describe the major components of a telecommunications system with reference to the internet and how it works;
•Discuss the advantages of e-commerce and m-commerce business models;
•Explain the importance of an organization's transaction processing systems (TPS);
•Discuss the importance of developing effective information and decision support systems as detailed in the phases of systems development life cycle;
•Analyze the impact of artificial intelligence, expert systems, virtual reality and other specialized systems on various organizations.
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