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Bridging to University Nursing (Regional Access Centre -hybrid format) 7993

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Bridging to University Nursing (Regional Access Centre -hybrid format)
The hybrid delivery format is now offered at Regional Access Centres (RACs) in Ontario, which will allow Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) to complete the first part of Centennial College's RPN to BScN Bridging Nursing program in six consecutive semesters. The goal of this program is to prepare students to be eligible to continue their nursing education at the university level. Our affliliation is with Ryerson University.

Access to baccalaureate nursing education in smaller urban areas of Ontario is made possible through RACs and a part time hybrid program delivery format. Students will be self-directed, will apply adult learning principles and will gain knowledge through discovery. A problem-solving approach to each course will develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as broadening perspectives. Part time studies through hybrid delivery allows all the time committed in a traditional classroom environment to be decreased and complimented by learning completed asynchronously online at the convenience of the learner. Students who choose the hybrid delivery program will spend time on-line, and will attend tutorials to support the knowledge. Hybrid is a part time program where the student learns the content of the courses independently then comes to tutorial once a week (depends on course but no more than once a week). It is delivered part time with 2-3 courses per semester for 2 years (6 continuous semesters). The course is based out of a hospital (Burlington and Whitby are the new sites for fall 2013). THen after the 2 years Ryerson brings their program to the same site, same day of the week for 30 months. Tutorial times are 1630-1830 and 1900-2100 (2 courses).

Evidence-based practices and current scholarly literature will be used to heighten the educational experience. Students and professors alike will contribute to on-line discussions and tutorials. The tutorial aspect of the program will be facilitated by professors who are experts in their field.
Admissions Requirements:
1. Transcripts from a Community College Diploma program with a minimum 3.0 GPA. No course failures from PN program or any other bridging programs are considered. No upgrading of courses is permitted at this time to increase GPA requirements
2. RPNs from a fast tract certificate to diploma upgrade need evidence of courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology (3.0 GPA).
3. A photocopy of a current Certificate of Registration in Ontario (original may be requested).
email inquiries to:
We are hoping to have the next intake in May 2015. The site has not yet been determined.

Keep posted to this website for updates on future sites.

Meet our program leaders; learn about the hybrid program model and get the answers to your practical questions. Find our how Centennial College allows you to bridge to new opportunities. Make it a point to attend this information session. We look forward to seeing you there.


For program information contact:

Natashia Deer, Email:

Application forms will be available once we start accepting applications.

Contact Telephone:
416-289-5303 SELECT #2
Mandatory Courses
Course Code Course Name
COMM-170 College Communication 2
COMM-171 College Communication 2 (ESL)
NUPH-700 Health Assessment
NUPH-701 Acute and Chronic Illness
NUPH-702 Acute and Chronic Illness Practice
NUPH-703 Ethics and Professional Practice
NUPH-706 Family Centered Nursing
NUPH-731 Mental Health and Crisis Management
NUPH-735 Advanced Communication and Leadership
NUPH-737 Nursing Research
NUPH-741 Community Nursing Theory
NUPH-743 Mental Health Community Practice
NUPH-750 Nursing Knowledge: Historical and Future
NUPP-700 Pathotherapeutics