RPN Operating Room 7945

Certificate Code 7945
Certificate Name RPN Operating Room
Description The RPN perioperative nursing program curriculum is current, innovative and reflects the trends and changes that are occurring in the perioperative workplace. The program will provide you with online theory, a hands on simulated operating room lab experience and a clinical placement/practicum within teaching or acute care community hospital operating rooms.

Graduates of this program will function as entry-level scrub nurse practitioners. Graduates will be prepared to function in a variety of specialty areas such as acute care hospital operating rooms, labour and delivery suites, ambulatory practice settings and private surgery clinics.

Admissions Requirements Current College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Certificate of Registration.
Practical Nursing Program graduates with pending CNO registration may apply to the program but must have their CNO registration and documentation complete before enrolling and attending the clinical practicum (NP-410).

One year of recent post-graduate clinical nursing experience is strongly recommended.
Info To register for NP-413 and NP-414, please call 416-289-5300, press 3
Notes For the 2015-16 year the course costs are as follows:
NP-413 - RPN Operating Room Theory $1020.27
NP-414 - RPN Operating Room Lab $781.55
NP-410 - RPN Operating Room Clinical $1100.00

All clinical placement requirements must be completed prior to entrance to the practicum.

Format for Fall 2015, theory (NP-413) is in class on Mondays and Lab(NP-414) on Saturdays.

Winter 2016: Theory (NP-413) online, Lab (NP-414) on Saturdays (click on the course name for the dates)

5 week student practicum (NP-410) to start after the completion of NP-413 and NP-414. This course is not available for PLAR.

For students beginning the program in September, 2015, the clinical placement will not be until Spring 2016.

*NP-413 and NP-414 must be taken together.

NOTE: Winter 2016 is FULL. This program has currently been suspended for Spring 2016. The next session will be in Fall 2016.
Contact Name Ingrid Henry
Contact Telephone 416-289-5303 or 416-289-5000 ext 3357
Contact E-mail healthstudies.pt@centennialcollege.ca

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
NP-410 Operating Room Practicum
NP-413 Perioperative Theory for RPN
NP-414 Perioperative Lab for RPN