Medical Device Reprocessing (formerly Sterile Supply) 7920

Certificate Code 7920
Certificate Name Medical Device Reprocessing (formerly Sterile Supply)
Description This certificate program prepares individuals to work in Central Service departments in hospitals and clinics. You will learn the theory and principles of microbiology, infection control, instrument preparation, packaging and sterilization. You are expected to be able to routinely lift heavy items. Applicants may not register online. All potential students MUST request an Information/Application package, submit the application and receive an Offer to Register from the program supervisor before being eligible to register in the program.

The cost for the program is approximately $2300.00. The length of the program is approximately 9-10 months.
Cost Breakdown:
MDRP-110 $280.31
MDRP-111 $280.31
MDRP-112 $310.31
MDRP-113 $280.31
MDRP-114 $280.31
MDRP-115 $844.95

There are 3 intakes for this program:
September - Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:30-9:30 pm)
MDRP-110-801: Sept 14 - Oct 26
MDRP-111-801: Nov 9 - Dec 16
MDRP-112-821: Jan 4 - Feb 10
MDRP-113-821: Feb 22 - Mar 30
MDRP-114-841: Apr 11 - May 18
MDRP-115-841: Jun 13 - Jun 30 (Mon - Fri)

November - Saturdays (8:30 am-3:30 pm)
MDRP-110-802: Nov 7 - Dec 12
MDRP-111-821: Jan 9 - Feb 13
MDRP-112-822: Feb 27 - Apr 2
MDRP-113-841: Apr 16 -May 21
MDRP-114-842: Jun 4 - Jul 9
MDRP-115-842: Jul 25 - Aug 12 (Mon - Fri)

January - Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30-9:30 pm)
MDRP-110-821: Jan 5 - Feb 11
MDRP-111-822: Feb 23 - Mar 31
MDRP-112-841: Apr 12 - May 19
MDRP-113-842: May 31 - Jul 7
MDRP-114-843: Jul 19 - Aug 25
MDRP-115-842: September 2016 Dates TBA

All intakes for 2015-16 are now in session and no new applications will be considered.
The next intake will be September 2016, information and the new application package will be posted around May/June 2016.

All courses are held at Morningside campus with the exception of MDRP-115 which is a clinical placement held in a hospital or clinical setting for 3 weeks (full time)
Admissions Requirements Admission requirements:

In order to meet the English requirement for the program you must submit either:

1. an Ontario Secondary School Diploma transcript showing a Grade 12 English grade of 70% or better Or

2. Be over 19 years of age and write the admission English test. English assessment level must be 170/171 for the Medical Device Reprocessing Program. Or

3. a Centennial College Transcript showing a minimum English achievement of COMM160/161 with a grade of B or better

NO documents from outside Ontario will be accepted. Call 416-289-5300, press 4, to book an English assessment.

Where there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces in the program, students will be chosen based on their documented proficiency in English
Info Info: The winter intake starting in January, 2016 will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30-9:30 pm) Courses will be at the Morningside campus. This session is FULL


Here is the link to the application: (copy and paste into your browser if necessary)

NOTE: WE DO NOT keep applications from previous years. If you have applied before and now want the program, you MUST REAPPLY...

January 2016 intake is full and no new applications will be accepted

Applications will be received and accepted on a first come first serve basis if all the requirements have been met.

Applications are processed in order of receipt, so applications should be sent in early. This program is over subscribed.

For further information, other than admission questions, please contact Janice Rasmussen at
Notes Notes:
2. All clinical placement requirements must be completed prior to enrolling in MDRP-114.
3. Applicants opting to write the admission test must call the Enrolment Services Office at 416-289-5300 to receive a student number in order to book a test time.

Contact Name Christopher Raghubir
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 ext 8072
Contact E-mail

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
MDRP-110 Introduction to Medical Device Reprocessing
MDRP-111 Reprocessing 1 - Decontamination
MDRP-112 Reprocessing 2 - Sterilization
MDRP-113 Surgical Instrumentation
MDRP-114 Inventory Control
MDRP-115 Medical Device Reprocessing Practicum