3D Printing and Part Design 7465

Certificate Code 7465
Certificate Name 3D Printing and Part Design
Description 3D Printing and Part Design is a range of courses designed to deliver basic product development education and strategies in an accelerated package. At the same time, this program will provide students with an opportunity to prototype their own product and designs. Key to the applied nature of the program, instructor guided build lab time will provide an arena to experience firsthand the exciting prototyping process. Harnessing the growing trend of 3D printing equipment in the product design process, this program will provide the student with
professional-level prototyping experience. There will be a balanced focus on both 3D CAD designing utilizing the latest 3D modeling software, as well as hands-on fabrication and assembly training.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
PTMF-100 Intro to Machining and Fabrication
PTOP-100 3D Printer: Equipment Operation and Part Programming
PTSW-100 SolidWorks Essentials