CNC and CAD/CAM 7413

Certificate Code 7413
Certificate Name CNC and CAD/CAM
Description This certificate program provides machine designers with working knowledge of Mastercam. You will gain an understanding of the MasterCAM command and menu system, learn how to draw machine parts, run tool paths and generate "G" code. If you want to pursue a career as a CNC Machinist, CNC Programmer or CAD/CAM Programmer, this program is for you.
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Mandatory Courses

MasterCAM CAD CECA-900
CNC Manual Programming Mill 1 and 2 ; CECA-901 and 902
CNC Manual Programming Lathe 1 and 2 ; CECA-910 and 911

And one of the two groups of courses shown below:

Group 1 (Earns a Certificate in CAD/CAM Milling)
CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 1 CECA-903
CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 2 CECA-904

Group 2 (Earns a Certificate in CAD/CAM Lathe)
CAD/CAM Lathe 1 CECA-905
CAD/CAM Lathe 2 CECA-906
Course Code Course Name
CECA-900 Mastercam CAD
CECA-901 Computer Numerical Control Manual Programming Mill 1
CECA-902 Computer Numerical Control Manual Programming Mill 2
CECA-903 CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 1
CECA-904 CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 2
CECA-910 CNC Manual Programming/LATHE 1
CECA-911 CNC Manual Programming/LATHE 2