Microsoft Sharepoint Specialist 7393

Certificate Code 7393
Certificate Name Microsoft Sharepoint Specialist
Description Microsoft SharePoint technologies provide an industry-standard, web-based framework focused on team collaboration and real-time document management. In this program, you will acquire the fundamental knowledge and critical skills needed to create, manage and customize SharePoint across your enterprise. With these vital skills, you can help your organization out-pace the competition by being able to quickly plan, design, deploy and utilize an effective SharePoint solution. SharePoint provides organizations with mission-critical enterprise content management capabilities by empowering collaboration and knowledge sharing. You will learn the highly coveted skills needed to install, administer, secure and optimize a SharePoint Server. You will discover how to effectively monitor system performance using the Health Analyzer and how to configure valuable sandbox solutions with the Developer Dashboard. Managers, administrators, developers - basically anyone responsible for administering and/or developing a SharePoint /web environment would find this program to be of great interest.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
SHAR-001 Introduction to SharePoint
SHAR-002 SharePoint Server Installation
SHAR-003 SharePoint Administrator 1
SHAR-004 SharePoint Administrator 2
SHAR-005 SharePoint Project