Business Writing 7364

Certificate Code 7364
Certificate Name Business Writing
Description This certificate concentrates on teaching students to become productive, confident, and effective communicators in todays computerized business world. It would be ideal for anyone thinking of starting a small business or launching a career within an established company. The program of study builds from a solid foundation in English writing skills and introduces you to the major styles of business writing.

The latter part of the program allows you to choose areas of interest, such as web development, business manuals, and sales material. By the end of the program you will have become more efficient producers of professional business documents using sound project management skills, and insightful, and resourceful communication strategies.
Info Eight courses are required to complete this program.
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Mandatory Courses

FOUR mandatory courses:
Course Code Course Name
CEBW-201 Writing Grammatically
CEBW-301 Business Writing Strategies
CEBW-302 Critical Thinking (Contemporary Canadian Issues)
CEIL-845 Desktop Publishing for Business Using Word

Elective Courses

Choose FOUR courses from the following:
Course Code Course Name
CEBW-303 Technical Communication
CEBW-305 Writing a Proposal
CEBW-306 Writing a Business Manual
CEBW-307 Web Writing and Design
CEBW-308 Writing Sales Material
CEBW-309 Writing a Business Plan
CEBW-310 Writing a Marketing Plan