Industrial PLC / Robotics Control Specialist 7347

Certificate Code 7347
Certificate Name Industrial PLC / Robotics Control Specialist
Description This program is designed for those who wish to obtain advanced practical knowledge in Automation, Robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) systems. The Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 hardware and the Rockwell Automation software RSLogix 500 will be studied in depth. This program will also provide an introduction to Omron and Siemens brand PLC instruction sets. All aspects of basic PLC control systems will be covered. Omron and Siemens software will be used to complete hands-on lab assignments that will provide invaluable practical experience. Topics also include ABB Robots, pick and place programs, robot configurations, end effectors and TCP, sensors, safety and maintenance, run chain and basic wiring diagrams, and MMI (Man Machine Interface).

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Notes Please note that effective January 2019, the program has been replaced by program PLC / Automation Installation and Programming (Program code 7466). The new model route as below :

1. PTPC-101 PLC - System Installations
2. PTPC-102 PLC - System Testing and Troubleshooting
3. PTPC-103 PLC - Software Programming and Commissioning

Please also be informed that course of Industrial PLC 1 - Allen Bradley (CERB101) will no longer be offered starting in Fall 2017 and both courses Robotic Systems (CERB104) and Industrial PLC Applications (CERB105) will no longer be offered after Fall 2018.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CERB-101 Industrial PLC 1 - Allen Bradley
CERB-102 Industrial PLC 2 - Allen Bradley
CERB-103 Industrial PLC 3 - Omron/Siemens
CERB-104 Robotic Systems
CERB-105 Industrial PLC Applications