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Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9


UNIX/Linux Systems Administration 7325

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UNIX/Linux Systems Administration
UNIX is a comprehensive operating system with an amazing number of features and capabilities that support multi-user, multi-tasking and interactive computing environments for individuals and organizations. As the leader in open systems architectures, UNIX is capable of running on anything from PDAs and game consoles to mainframe systems. Our UNIX short courses are designed for those with computing experience who want to learn about the UNIX operating system, as well as those individuals who desire to gain knowledge of Linux for home or business use.

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Mandatory Courses
Course Code Course Name
CEMC-971 Introduction to Unix/Linux
CEUN-902 Unix/Linux Operations for Users
CEUN-911 Unix Systems Administration
CEUN-912 Unix/Linux Security
CEUN-913 Unix/Linux Installation
CEUN-932 Unix Shell Scripts
CEUN-951 Working with Linux Graphical User Interfaces