Network Security Administrator 7263

Certificate Code 7263
Certificate Name Network Security Administrator
Description Computer Security is an increasingly significant concern to businesses and individuals. The risks associated with this technology have escalated with a wide spread use of the Internet, networking, and computers. These short security courses are intended to provide you with the knowledge and hands on experience to help mitigate these concerns and how to cope with any issues that may arise. They explore the general principles of network security plus specifics such as firewalls and operating system security. These 12-hour short courses are intended for those in the IT profession who require specific security and network operating skills and training.

Contact Name Pamela Burnside
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 x2267
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CETE-208 Introductory Network Security
CETE-929 Forensics
CETE-931 Threats and Attacks
CETE-934 Authentication
CETE-936 Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
CETE-938 Content Filtering
CETE-978 TCP/IP and Other Internet Protocols