International Cuisines by Region 7184

Certificate Code 7184
Certificate Name International Cuisines by Region
Description Build your capability to apply fundamental principles to all aspects of food production and global cuisines with consideration for ethical, ethnic, and cultural needs.
This program is intended to meet the needs of those already employed in the food and beverage industry, or individuals looking to pursue a personal interest in the art of international cuisine.
Info Upon successful completion of all courses, students would receive a Centennial College Certificate credential.
Notes Students are required to wear appropriate culinary attire including chef jacket, apron, hat or hair net, black dress pants (no jeans, corduroy,
track pant or yoga pant-like material) and black safety shoes. Students are required to purchase a basic knife set.
These items are available for purchase at the Progress Campus bookstore.
Contact Telephone 416-289-5207
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
ICAM-101 Culinary Skills - Foundation and Development
ICAM-200 Cuisine and Culture
ICAM-201 Cuisines of Europe
ICAM-202 Cuisines of Middle East and Mediterranean
ICAM-203 Cuisines of Southern Asia
ICAM-301 Cuisines of the Americas
ICAM-302 Cuisines of South East Asia