Medical Transcriptionist 7166

Certificate Code 7166
Certificate Name Medical Transcriptionist
Description This program will provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge using simulated case studies to prepare you for a future in Medical Transcription. This program will assist you in developing the skills to work as a Transcriptionist or develop your own business in Transcription.
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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
BUSN-333 Business Culture and Coll. Pract
CEIL-872 Introduction to Medical Transcription
CEIL-873 Advanced Medical Transcription
CEIL-876 Medical Keyboarding
CEIL-890 Medical Terminology
CEIL-900 Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription
CEIL-901 Medical Transcription Fundamentals
CEMS-981 Microsoft Word

Elective Courses

In addition to the Mandatory Courses listed, please select two electives from the following:
Course Code Course Name
CEBS-870 How to Start a Small Business
CEIL-874 Medical Office Procedures
CEIL-875 Essentials in Health Records Management
CEIL-889 Medical OHIP Billing