WEB Applications Development Programming 7163

Certificate Code 7163
Certificate Name WEB Applications Development Programming
Description This certificate model will provide you with common and current programming approaches to web development, including the use of databases and application server programming. Students using current web technologies will have skills to develop web services, B2C and B2B web applications and other dynamic Net-based programs.
Admissions Requirements Prior knowledge of HTML is required.
Contact Name Pamela Burnside
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 x2267
Contact E-mail infotech.PT@centennialcollege.ca

Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
COMP-100 Programming 1 (Introductory Programming Concepts)
COMP-122 Introduction to Database Concepts
COMP-225 Software Engineering Methodologies 1

Elective Courses

Plus choose THREE elective courses from the following:
Course Code Course Name
CEDN-003 Web Application Development Using ASP.Net
CEDN-005 Distributed Components - Windows Components Foundations
COMP-246 Object Oriented Software Engineering
COMP-424 Intermediate and Advanced Java
COMP-425 Web Development using Java EE and Open Source Technologies
COMP-474 PHP Programming with MYSQL
COMP-475 Advanced PHP Programming