Object Oriented Systems Development 7055

Certificate Code 7055
Certificate Name Object Oriented Systems Development
Description Leaders in the systems development field owe their successes to the implementation of well-defined processes, the disciplined application of sound development methodologies and the effective use of proper tools. To meet strategic business needs, IT departments must rapidly develop client/server and web-based systems that satisfy the increasing demands and complex requirements of their internal and external clients. The success of these projects depends on degree of training obtained by IT professionals in methodologies related to analysis and design, project management, process integration, configuration and quality assurance.

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Mandatory Courses

Course Code Course Name
CEIL-816 JAVA - Introduction
CEIL-823 JAVA - Intermediate
CEIL-916 JAVA Advanced
CEOA-400 UML Modeling with CASE Tool
CEOA-401 Systems Analysis 1
CEOA-500 XML Introduction
CEOA-600 SQL - Introduction