Certificate Code 7044
Description Leaders in systems development field owe their successes to the implementation of well-defined processes, the disciplined application of sound development methodologies and the effective use of proper tools. To meet strategic business needs, IT departments must rapidly develop client/server and web-based systems that satisfy the increasing demands and complex requirements of their internal and external clients. The success of these projects depends on careful analysis and design, project management, process integration, configuration and quality assurance methodologies.
Contact Name Pamela Burnside
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 x2267
Contact E-mail

Mandatory Courses

THREE mandatory courses:
Course Code Course Name
CEMG-919 Managing Information Technology Projects
COMP-225 Software Engineering Methodologies 1
COMP-246 Object Oriented Software Engineering

Elective Courses

Plus any 2 courses from either the Java or streams.
Course Code Course Name
CEDN-001 Introduction to Programming with C#
CEDN-002 Intermediate C#
CEDN-003 Web Application Development Using ASP.Net
CEDN-004 Microsoft SQL Server 2012
CEDN-005 Distributed Components - Windows Components Foundations
CEDN-006 Advanced C#
COMP-423 Introduction to Java Programming
COMP-424 Intermediate and Advanced Java
COMP-425 Web Development using Java EE and Open Source Technologies