Microsoft .NET 7030

Certificate Code 7030
Certificate Name Microsoft .NET
Description Potential .NET developers will be interested in courses that provide the necessary skills to take advantage of interesting new opportunities that exist in the Microsoft development environment. This certification will provide a significant competitive advantage in a job market where this credential is widely recognized and respected. You will also receive course preparation for Microsoft Certification exams that offer several levels of certification in the .NET development framework.
Contact Name Pamela Burnside
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 x2267
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Mandatory Courses

Students may complete either COMP-100 Programming 1 (Introductory Programming Concepts) or CEDN-001 Introduction to .Net Programming with VB.NET as the required introductory programming course before moving on to the more advanced courses in the certificate.
Course Code Course Name
CEDN-002 Intermediate C#
CEDN-003 Web Application Development Using ASP.Net
CEDN-004 Microsoft SQL Server 2012
CEDN-005 Distributed Components - Windows Components Foundations
CEDN-006 Advanced C#
COMP-100 Programming 1 (Introductory Programming Concepts)